Einstein’s dice and Schrodinger’s Cat: How two great minds battled Quantum Randomness to create a unified theory of physics

Author: Paul Halpern

January, 2016


Phystory, I would say – a nice blend of Physics and History. Probably a tough read for those without a physics background, but nonetheless a delight to know about the insights of two great physicists in one book. How philosophy played a part in shaping their outlook towards finding and justifying their theories is also noteworthy, Spinoza for Einstein and Schopenhauer for Schrodinger. The book might not be apt for those trying to look into the deep personal lives of these scientists, but is fitting for those trying to understand the general perspectives and effects of social dynamics, geopolitics, personal idiosyncrasies etc. on the lives and outcomes of these two physicists.

The book also talks about a span of quarrels fueled by media based polemics and an urge to prove in order to keep their research funded. I am bound to think and imagine the state of uncanny great mind. After successfully bringing out two theories in a span of decade, Einstein spent the last four decades of his life in unifying the theory of all forces and so did Schrodinger, both left their work incomplete. Physicists and scientists are still trying to take their work further. No one knows how far they can go, keeping the old strings attached. It might need another Einstein to completely rebuild the theory from scratch as he did.

We live in a warped space time continuum, we also live in a discrete world marked by the boundary conditions defined by quantum physics; the question is being or not being in a state to simultaneous being and not being in a state. The universe poses new mysteries each day and each day physicist spend to unravel it, these two tried to bring everything under a universal theory and so are many other still doing it. Humanity is enslaved each day in a quest to demystify the universe…


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